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Protect Your Computer

OnGuardOnline is a federal government website to help you become safe, secure and more responsible online. Managed by the Federal Trade Commision in partnership with the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education, the website provides many helpful tools on how to avoid online scams, maintain a secure wireless network, eliminate viruses from your computer and protect your kids online.


One of the more informative sections of the website is the portion that deals with securing your computer and your wireless network. While the internet provides access to numerous products and services, it can also leave you susceptible to hackers, online viruses and identity thieves.

Click the a topic below to learn more about protecting your computer, laptop or personal information while online.

Computer Security
Tips on securing your computer and avoided hackers and identity thieves

How to avoid, detect and get rid of viruses and spyware

Securing Your Wireless Network
How to protect the wireless network in your home

Laptop Security
Steps to prevent a thief from stealing your laptop

Disposing of Old Computers
How to protect your personal information when you dispose of an old computer or laptop