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DIY Upcycle Book Challenge

DIY Upcycle Book Challenge

The amount of waste thrown away each day is shocking. We overuse our resources and fill up our landfills at an amazing rate. This Upcycle Book Challenge hopes to remind people that, with a little imagination, what was old can be new again! This community exhibit will showcase the treasures created by the challenge and bring the community out for an enjoyable day. Upcycling involves taking waste material that would otherwise end up in our landfills and turning it into something useful.

Take the challenge and create something fun and useful out of old books!

There will be books available for this challenge at the library on September 9th during the Carmel Clay Reads Kickoff.
Winning entries will be featured on the library Facebook page.
Pick up an Entry Form September 9th at the program. Return the form to the DIY Upcycle Books Challenge entry box near 1st floor Registration desk by October 21.

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