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Learn More About Recycling

No Impact Man (DVD)
Colin Beavan is a New York City writer and self-proclaimed liberal. He has big plans for his new book. He decides on a grand experiment: to live one year with as little impact on the environment as possible. The problem is, the project requires his wife Michelle, an espresso-guzzling, Prada-worshipping business writer, and their young daughter to be fully on board. The family embarks on a year of no electricity, television, cars, toilet paper, elevators, or newspapers.

Garbage Warrior (DVD)
Using empty beer cans, old tires, plastic bottles and other garbage, iconoclastic architect Michael Reynolds, based in New Mexico, has been building ecologically sustainable structures for 35 years. Calling his structures "earthships," Reynolds has had conflicts with government officials over inflexible zoning and housing laws, but his architectural ideas were put to use in the Andaman Islands following the 2005 tsunami.

Simple Steps to a Greener Home (DVD)
Environmental lifestyle expert Danny Seo shows that it really is easy being green and shares the creative ideas -- from flooring to restoring, remodeling to recycling.

Respect Yo' Mama: Here Comes Mr. Recycle Man (DVD)
Designed to act as a reference and to help reinforce, refine, and build on viewers current understanding and knowledge of recycling. Shows how different materials are recycled and how everyone can find creative ways to recycle.

Go Green, Live Rich by David Bach (audiobook on CD and downloadable)
Provides instruction on living an environmentally friendly life, and how to make money doing it.

Farewell, My Suburu by Doug Fine (audiobook on CD)
Doug Fine's humorous and topical work chronicles his year embracing an environmentally friendly lifestyle. Vowing to grow all his own food, harness the sun's power for his electrical needs, and consume as little fossil fuel as necessary, Fine faces surprising obstacles at every turn as he discovers that going green is easier said than done.

This Moment on Earth by John Kerry and Teresa Heinz Kerry (audiobook on CD)
Explores the consequences of pollution, global warming, and environmental degradation while introducing people and grassroots organizations that work to combat them, and examines the unexpected ways people contribute to the decline of the environment.

And even more titles in print . . .