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Upcoming Releases September 2012

Wondering when your favorite author’s next book will be released? Below is a list of upcoming releases by popular authors. The titles on this list are on order for the library and can be placed on hold by clicking the links below. Release dates are subject to change.

If you have any questions or need assistance with placing one of these books on hold, please stop by the Readers' Advisory desk or call 814-3987.



Barclay, Linwood- Trust Your Eyes
Brown, Sandra- Low Pressure
Chabon, Michael- Telegraph Avenue
Child, Lee- A Wanted Man
Doig, Ivan-A Bartender’s Tale
Follett, Ken- Winter of the World
Gerritsen, Tess- Last to Die
Koryta, Michael- The Prophet
Lustbader, Eric Van-Father Night
White, Randy Wayne-Gone
Woods, Stuart- Severe Clear