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Fictional Presidents

With the presidential election being held later in the year, articles featuring political candidates are dominating the headlines. With that in mind, the library has many books that are about candidates running for office or fictional presidents. Typically works of fiction involving such characters are thrillers.

Several thrillers deal with politicians on the campaign trail. Stuart Woods has written several novels featuring the character Will Lee. In Grass Roots, Will decides to run for the Georgia Senate and the campaign becomes nasty. In The Run, Senator Lee is asked by the president, who has just learned he has Alzheimer's, to run for the presidency and once again the campaign trail become treacherous. Reed Karaim's If Men Were Angels is about a dark-horse candidate who may be too good to be true, while Richard North Patterson's No Safe Place is about a senator running in the California presidential primary who is being stalked by an assassin.

Female presidents are featured in some novels. Jeffrey Archer's The Prodigal Daughter is the story of Florentyna Rosnovski, a Polish immigrant desiring to be the first female president. First Lady by Susan Elizabeth Phillips offers a romance where the wife of an assassinated president eventually becomes the first woman president.

In The Plot Against America, Philip Roth envisions an alternate history where famed aviator Charles Lindbergh defeats FDR in the 1940 election. Another unique tale involving a president is The President’s Vampire by Christopher Farnsworth. Nathanial Cade is a vampire who for over 140 years has vowed to protect his country by guarding the inhabitants of the White House.

The president is a murder suspect David Baldacci's Absolute Power, where a beautiful young socialite dies under suspicious circumstances. In Exclusive, by Sandra Brown, the president is suspected in the death of a reporter's infant son.

Primary Colors is a fictional look behind the scenes at modern American politics. John Travolta starred in the movie version of the novel which follows the governor of a southern state as he attempts to secure the Democratic nomination for president.

Finally, The President’s Nemesis by Michael Beres is about a Chicago resident mourning the loss of his child who becomes intertwined in a bizarre plot to kill the president.

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