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Introducing Our New Online Catalog


Enterprise is CCPL's new online catalog. Enterprise will be replacing iBistro, which has been in use for many years. The new catalog is live now, and CCPL will begin transitioning our internal catalog computers and webpage links to it in several weeks. Your holds, checkout, and other information are unchanged and will display in Enterprise as well as iBistro. Features of the new catalog include:

  • Better searching. The catalog will find results even with misspellings and will suggest search terms.
  • Easier search narrowing. You can narrow your search by material type, subject, author, etc, after getting results.
  • More content. The new catalog contains more reviews, summaries, and information about items.
  • Pay fines and fees online using Paypal.
  • New "Lists" feature allows you to create and save lists of your favorite titles.
Please feel free to start using Enterprise now at Click here for Enterprise help. Have a question or concern? Send us feedback here.