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Activity Lists for the CCPL Summer Challenge

Complete any of the activities below to earn points. Many of the activities can be repeated as often as you like. For each activity you complete and record online, you will earn points. Points are accumulated to earn prizes.

(Note: If you do not want to record your activities online, you can pick up a paper points tracker at the library and record points earned on the tracker.)

Caregivers, you can manage your children's activities from your account and log points of multiple family members at once.

As always, library staff are available to answer your questions and assist you as you take on the Summer Challenge.

  • Register for the CCPL Summer Challenge. (Note: Points will automatically be awarded when you register.) (5 Points)
  • Get or Renew Library Card. (5 Points) How to get a card..
  • Read to a child. (5 Points)
  • Read or listen to a 100+ page book. (15 Points)
  • Read or listen to a book, magazine, or newspaper for 20 minutes. (2 Points)
  • Read or listen to a book of poetry. (1 Point)
  • Participate in a library scavenger hunt. (10 Points)
  • Attend a library program. (1 Point)
  • Attend a live theater performance or visit a museum. (1 Point)
  • Complete a 24-hour digital detox and read for entertainment instead! (10 Points)
  • Complete an early literacy activity with a baby, toddler, or preschooler. (5 Points)
  • Complete a crossword, word find, or logic puzzle. (1 Point)
  • Complete a science experiment, do a math activity, or write some code. (1 Point)
  • Connect with the library on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Goodreads) (1 Point)
  • Create a digital poster or image that highlights a library resource with your favorite software and share it with #carmellib. (1 Point)
  • Draw, color, or paint a picture. (1 Point)
  • Play a board game. (1 Point)
  • Put together a model kit. (1 Point)
  • Take a picture of your library card at your vacation spot & email it to (1 Point)
  • Visit CCPL's Mobile Library: ccpl2go. (5 Points)
  • Visit a park in Hamilton County.   (1 Point)
  • Try BookFLIX or TumbleBooks. (1 Point)
  • Watch a movie based on a book. (1 Point)
  • Visit the library's Digital Media Lab, located at 23 E. Main St. (Children under 12 must be accompanied by a caregiver. The Digital Media Lab is available to CCPL cardholders.) (5 Points)
  • Write an online book review on the library's website. (5 Points)
  • Write a story, blog post, or snail-mail a letter to someone you know. (1 Point)