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Haatchi and Little B
Haatchi and Little B by Wendy Holden (Adult,Biography/History)
This book is about a boy Owen , who had a rare muscle condition, low self esteem and how a dog named Haatchi connected to relearn how to find best in each person by love. Haatchi was a dog abused and lost his leg and tail by cruelty. The dog overcame eventually by determined people who did care and spirit within dog to overcome his worst nightmare by gaining hope in Owen. The connection between the dog and Owen each had a gift that needed to be mended by other self survival of courage through the bond increased to show people that were oppressed , sick or injured could learn that smile could light up a room through Owen and Haatchi. I laughed, cried and it even made me feel that any obstacle can be overcome after reading this book. -- Added by bspiller on 08/15/2017

roosevelt's centurions by persico (Adult,Biography/History)
yes -- Added by edger on 08/14/2017

Fahrenheit 451
Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury (Adult,Science Fiction/Fantasy)
One of the original "dystopian" stories envisioning a future where books, magazines, newspapers, etc. are banned and firemen SET fires, rather than extinguishing them (usually of buildings where forbidden reading materials are discovered). From his viewpoint in 1951, Bradbury chillingly gets some features of 21st century life right on target. A classic from this renowned sci-fi author (although he denied his works were sci-fi--he said they were fantasy, because they couldn't happen!). -- Added by ERobinson on 08/14/2017

Book, Line, and Sinker
Book, Line, and Sinker by Jenn McKinlay (Adult,Mystery/Suspense)
This was the third book in the author's Library Lover's Mysyety series. The book was enjoyable and had more action than the first two books in the series. -- Added by labennet on 08/13/2017

Attachments by Rainbow Rowell (Adult,Romance)
I have always been a fan of Rainbow Rowell's unique writing style. Attachments is no exception to this feeling. Rowell has a gift for creating realistic characters that are still engaging. The majority of the book was set up as an email conversation which was disheartening at first but ended up being some of my favorite parts. -- Added by mtganser on 08/13/2017

The Rebellion of Jane Clarke
The Rebellion of Jane Clarke by Sally Cabot Gunning (Adult,Historical Fiction)
Younggirl experiences difficulties when immediate family is on different sides of American independence. Sees Boston massacre first hand. -- Added by Deb on 08/13/2017

The Curious Charms of Arthur Pepper
The Curious Charms of Arthur Pepper by Phaedra Patrick (Adult,Historical Fiction)
Great feel good book with subtle lessons -- Added by Deb on 08/13/2017

In a Dark, Dark Wood
In a Dark, Dark Wood by Ruth Ware (Adult,Mystery/Suspense)
Good suspense novel. It made you wonder if Nora was crazy or was there more to it. I didn't suspect the ending as it was.... -- Added by aiken4 on 08/13/2017

Turbulence (1.5)
Turbulence (1.5) by Whitney G. (Adult,Romance)
Easy, quick read. Typical romance novel -- Added by aiken4 on 08/13/2017

Thin Air
Thin Air by Ann Cleeves (Adult,Mystery/Suspense)
#6 in the Shetland series, this mystery has detective Jimmy Perez searching for the murderer of a young woman from London who at first is missing after a wedding celebration at the far north end of the Shetland Islands. A complex plot with a well-developed sense of place. This was a delightful read with an ending I should have, but didn't, see coming. -- Added by ERobinson on 08/12/2017