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Summer Challenge: Most Recent Titles

the templar's last secret by martin walker (Adult,Mystery/Suspense)
recommend -- Added by edger on 07/23/2017

Harvard Business Review by Assorted (Adult,Business)
I didn't expect to like this book but I enjoyed it quite a bit. I went to it thinking it would be articles about different businesses, success stories, stocks, administration, finances, etc. But it was actually more about the interpersonal prowess it takes to be a good manager and leader of a group of people that aren't just applicable to future CEO's and executives, but everyone optimizing the best out of their own life. I learned a lot about emotions and how people interact with each other and I think that this series is a must-read. -- Added by pruna13 on 07/22/2017

The Ultimatum
The Ultimatum by Karen Robards (Adult,Mystery/Suspense)
I would skip this book. -- Added by Mary Ann on 07/22/2017

Dear John
Dear John by Nicholas Sparks (Adult,Romance)
ugh the love -- Added by gracehaskins on 07/22/2017

The RVer's Bible (Revised and Updated)
The RVer's Bible (Revised and Updated) by Kim Baker (Adult,Other Nonfiction)
Basic information about RVing. Outstanding, but could be updated -- Added by rturner on 07/22/2017

Make Your Bed
Make Your Bed by William H. McRaven (Adult,Other Nonfiction)
After an amazing graduation speech, retired Navy Seal expands on his 10 lessons. Quick read but very inspiring -- Added by rturner on 07/22/2017

Killers of the Flower Moon
Killers of the Flower Moon by David Grann (Adult,Biography/History)
Nonfiction about the murders of Osage Indians and the beginnings of the FBI. The Osage Indians controlled the oil rights after being moved to a reservation and became very wealthy after selling off drilling rights. These Indians were murdered for their head rights. -- Added by rturner on 07/22/2017

Ravenspur by Conn Iggulden (Adult,Historical Fiction)
recommend -- Added by edger on 07/21/2017

About That Man (A Trinity Harbor Novel, Book 1)
About That Man (A Trinity Harbor Novel, Book 1) by Sherryl Woods (Adult,Other Fiction)
Book 1 in the Trinity Harbor series. Daisy Spencer is a teacher at the hs in Trinity Harbor. She finds a run away and takes him in. Walker Ames is a detective in Washington DC 3 hours away. He finds out this run away is his sister's son. He hasn't seen this sister in years. How do they work things out to make a happy. -- Added by raderc on 07/21/2017

The Child
The Child by Fiona Barton (Adult,Mystery/Suspense)
Great read -- Added by Dleyndyke on 07/21/2017