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Summer Challenge: Grades K-1 Titles

A Butterfly is Patient
A Butterfly is Patient by Aston, Dianna
Colorful illustrations and simple text describe the many characteristics of butterflies.

A Couple of Boys Have the Best Week Ever
A Couple of Boys Have the Best Week Ever by Frazee, Marla
Friends James and Eamon enjoy a wonderful week at the home of Eamon's grandparents during summer vacation.

A Goofy Guide to Penguins
A Goofy Guide to Penguins by Coudray, Jean-Luc
A collection of humorous short two-panel comic strips featuring the fanciful antics of penguins, who are portrayed doing everything from trying to warm themselves with radiators to putting on stylish hats to tell each other apart.

A Pig, A Fox, and Stinky Socks
A Pig, A Fox, and Stinky Socks by Fenske, Jonathan
After gifting a pair of stinky socks as a prank to his friend Pig, Fox finds out that some tricks do not work out exactly as planned.

A Small Thing But Big
A Small Thing But Big by Johnston, Tony
Lizzie meets an elderly man and his companion, Cecile, at the park, but Lizzie is afraid of dogs, so she relies on her new friend to help her take things one step at a time.

Animal Ark: Celebrating Our Wild World in Poetry and Pictures
Animal Ark: Celebrating Our Wild World in Poetry and Pictures by Alexander, Kwame
This lush picture book celebrates the beauty, diversity, and fragility of the animal world.

Balderdash! John Newbery and the Boisterous Birth of Children's Books
Balderdash! John Newbery and the Boisterous Birth of Children's Books by Markel, Michelle
A picture book chronicle of the life of children's book pioneer John Newbery describes how he imagined books filled with stories, science and games before becoming a celebrated author and publisher, changing the literary world forever.

Baseball Buzz
Baseball Buzz by Joven, C.C.
Jackson loves baseball, but a bee in the outfield causes him to miss a fly ball, and the game is stopped until the bee finally departs.

Be Quiet!
Be Quiet! by Higgins, Ryan T.
Rupert the mouse wants to star in an artistic, wordless picturebook, but his animal friends cause problems by talking too much.

Beach Trip
Beach Trip by Jules, Jacqueline
The Martinez family is headed for a weekend at the beach, along with their friends, but Sofia has packed so many games that she does not have room for clothes.

Beep Beep Go To Sleep
Beep Beep Go To Sleep by Tarpley, Todd
Three reluctant robots fight off sleep while their young caretaker does his best to get them to calm down.

Dad and the Dinosaur
Dad and the Dinosaur by Choldenko, Gennifer
A boy keeps a toy dinosaur in his pocket to help him be brave like his dad--but when the dinosaur goes missing, Dad knows just what to do

Don't Throw It to Mo
Don't Throw It to Mo by Adler, David
"Mo is the youngest kid on the Robins football team. The kids on the rival team tease him for being a 'butterfingers' who's too tiny to catch the ball. But Mo's coach has a plan up his sleeve to turn Mo's little size into a big win for the Robins"

Good for Nothing Button
Good for Nothing Button by Harper, Cherise
Yellow Bird has found a button and wants to share it with Red Bird and Blue Bird.

Hank Finds an Egg
Hank Finds an Egg by Dudley, Rebecca
Hank finds an egg on the ground while walking in the woods, discovers the nest from which it fell, and tries his best to return it.

Happiest Book Ever
Happiest Book Ever by Shea, Bob
What could be happier than a book with a dancing cake, a candy parade, and a hug monster? A book with all those things (and more) plus YOU!

Hogwash by Wilson, Karma
When his stubborn pigs refuse a sudsy cleaning, a determined farmer learns that mud baths can be just as fun.

Is There a Dog In This Book?
Is There a Dog In This Book? by Schwartz, Viviane
Can cats and dogs share the same turf? Revisit the age-old dilemma with a hide-and-seek romp among furry friends.

Jabari Jumps
Jabari Jumps by Cornwall, Gaia
In a sweetly appealing tale of overcoming your fears, newcomer Gaia Cornwall captures a moment between a patient and encouraging father and a determined little boy you can't help but root for.

John Deere, That's Who!
John Deere, That's Who! by Maurer, Tracy
Back in the 1830s, who was a young blacksmith from Vermont, about to make his mark on American history? John Deere, that's who!

JoJo and the Big Mess
JoJo and the Big Mess by O'Connor, Jane
When Daddy is unhappy about the mess after a pillow fight, Jojo thinks of the perfect gift.

Little Bad Riding Hood
Little Bad Riding Hood by Jarman, Julia
After an encounter with a wolf, Little Bad Riding Hood thoughtlessly eats all of the little cakes that she was supposed to bring to her grandmother, then makes a substitution that might just trick her sick Granny.

Little Kids First Big Book of How
Little Kids First Big Book of How by Esbaum, Jill
This book inspires kids to be curious, ask questions, and explore the world around them.

Little Mouse Gets Ready
Little Mouse Gets Ready by Smith, Jeff
Little Mouse gets dressed to go to the barn with his mother, brothers, and sisters.

Luke on the Loose
Luke on the Loose by Bliss, Harry
Luke looks on at the pigeons in Central Park, while Dad is lost in "boring Daddy talk," and before you know it - Luke is on the Loose!

My Weird School Goes to the Musuem
My Weird School Goes to the Musuem by Gutman, Dan
A.J. and Andrea go on a class trip to the museum, where their guide has been warned about their possible misbehavior.

Nanette's Baguette
Nanette's Baguette by Willems, Mo
Today is the day Nanette gets to get the baguette! Is she set? YOU BET!

Noodlehead Nightmares
Noodlehead Nightmares by Arnold, Ted
Brothers Mac and Mac star in this collection of bedtime tales inspired by folktales about fools from around the world.

Out of School and Into Nature
Out of School and Into Nature by Slade, Suzanne
A picture book biography about naturalist and artist Anna Comstock (1854-1930), who defied social conventions and pursued the study of science.

Pirate Pedro
Pirate Pedro by Manushkin, Fran
On Pirate Day at school, all the children dress up as pirates, and Pedro and his friends, Katie and JoJo, continue the theme in their clubhouse after school--but they all want to be the pirate captain.

Plants Can't Sit Still
Plants Can't Sit Still by Hirsch, Rebecca E.
Do plants really move? Absolutely! You might be surprised by all the movements that plants can make. Plants might not pick up their roots and walk away, but they definitely don't sit still!

Read Me a Story, Stella
Read Me a Story, Stella by Gay, Marie-Louise
Stella introduces her little brother Sam to the pleasures of reading.

School's First Day of School
School's First Day of School by Rex, Adam
It's the first day of school at Frederick Douglass Elementary and everyone's just a little bit nervous, especially the school itself

Secret Agent Splat
Secret Agent Splat by Scotton, Rob
Splat notices that his favorite wooden ducks keep going missing--can Secret Agent Splat solve the mystery?

Spark by George, Kallie
Spark is a little dragon with a big problem. He can't control his fiery breath. Even practicing doesn't help. Will Spark ever be able to tame his flame?

Swap! by Light, Steve
A peg-legged youngster uses his bartering skills to trade for sails, anchors, a ship's wheel and other necessary supplies to fix their ship and make a friend in the process.

The Big Wet Balloon
The Big Wet Balloon by Liniers
Matilda promises her little sister Clemmie an amazing weekend spent playing outside. But the weather's rainy and Clemmie can't bring her new balloon along. Matilda teaches Clemmie all the delights of a wet Saturday.

The Feel Good Book
The Feel Good Book by Parr, Todd
Relates things that make people feel good, from rubbing noses to wearing brand new pajamas.

The Great Pet Escape
The Great Pet Escape by Jamieson, Victoria
A young graphic novel chapter book about the escape escapades of class pets at Daisy P. Flugelhorn Elementary School.

The Water Princess
The Water Princess by Verde, Susan
The story of one young girl's quest to bring clean drinking water to her African village.

They All Saw a Cat
They All Saw a Cat by Wenzel, Brendan
The author shows us the many lives of one cat, and how perspective shapes what we see. When you see a cat, what do you see?

Thunder Underground
Thunder Underground by Yolen, Jane
A collection of poems explores the wonder underground, from animal burrows and subways to caves and magma.

Tidy by Gravett, Emily
Pete the badger learns that being tidy isn't always the best thing in this save-the-environment picture book.

Triangle by Barnett, Mac
After Triangle plays a trick on Square, Square plans to reciprocate but runs into trouble when he tries to enter the triangular doorway of Triangle's home.

Tuesday Tucks Me In: The Loyal Bond Between a Soldier and His Service Dog
Tuesday Tucks Me In: The Loyal Bond Between a Soldier and His Service Dog by Montalván, Luis Carlos
As narrated by Tuesday, Tuesday Tucks Me In is a day in the life of this service dog extraordinaire and tail-wagging ambassador for all things positive and uplifting in the world.

We Dig Worms
We Dig Worms by McCloskey, Kevin
Young children (and a hungry bluebird) follow a talkative earthworm around. They learn fun facts about worms and their important role in our environment.