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Summer Challenge: Preschool Titles

Bark, George
Bark, George by Feiffer, Jules
When George's mother tells her son to bark, George goes "Meow," which definitely isn't right because George is a dog. When she asks him again, he goes "Oink." What's going on with George? Readers will delight at the surprise ending!

Birdsong: A Story in Pictures
Birdsong: A Story in Pictures by Sturm, James
The wordless adventure of two children whose misdeeds are punished when they're transformed into monkeys. In the tradition of kamishibai, or Japanese paper theater, the wordless format gives freedom to the readers to tell the story as they see it.

Caring for Your Lion
Caring for Your Lion by Sauer, Tammi
When a boy's long-awaited pet arrives, a note on the crate reads, "Congratulations on your new lion! We know you ordered a kitten, but we ran out of those."

Dog's Colorful Day
Dog's Colorful Day by Dodd, Emma
Dog starts off the day with one black spot on his ear. But it seems that wherever he goes, he runs, rolls, and trots right into colors.

Duck Duck Porcupine
Duck Duck Porcupine by Yoon, Salina
Big Duck likes to boss around her younger brother, Little Duck, and she fancies herself the leader of their trio when joined by their gentle friend Porcupine.

Ellie in Concert
Ellie in Concert by Wu, Mike
Since Ellie the elephant saved her home with her wonderful paintings, the zoo is back in business and the animals are more energetic than ever. All except for Lucy the giraffe, who hasn't been able to sleep with all the noise. Determined to help her friend, Ellie tries to tone down the ruckus and organize the animals into an orchestra.

Feathers and Hair: What Animals Wear
Feathers and Hair: What Animals Wear by Ward, Jennifer
Explores through illustrations and descriptive, rhyming text the feathers, fur, skin and hair of different animals and what they reveal about the science behind each animal's physique.

Good Night Gorilla
Good Night Gorilla by Rathmann, Peggy
An unobservant zookeeper is followed home by all the animals he thinks he has left behind in the zoo.

Hank Finds an Egg
Hank Finds an Egg by Dudley, Rebecca
Hank finds an egg on the ground while walking in the woods, discovers the nest from which it fell, and tries his best to return it.

Hug This Book!
Hug This Book! by Saltzberg, Barney
Expertly whimsical illustrations accompany this rhyming celebration of the printed book, and the attachment many of us all feel to our very favourites. The imaginative humour is balanced by earnest devotion, traits to which the young audience will relate.

Maybe Something Beautiful
Maybe Something Beautiful by Campoy, F. Isabel
Mira lives in a gray and hopeless urban community until a muralist arrives and, along with his paints and brushes, brings color, joy, and togetherness to Mira and her neighbors.

Mighty Truck
Mighty Truck by Barton, Chris
When a muddy truck reluctantly gets a truck wash, he transforms into a superhero.

Mighty, Mighty Construction Site
Mighty, Mighty Construction Site by Rinker, Sherri Duskey
Told in rhyming text, Excavator, Bulldozer, Crane Truck, Dump Truck, and Cement Mixer will all need to work together as they tackle their biggest job yet--a massive building.

My Feet are Webbed and Orange
My Feet are Webbed and Orange by Markovics, Joyce L.
What has a colorful beak, a round body, and webbed, orange feet? If you guessed an Atlantic puffin, you're right!

Old MacDonald Had a Truck
Old MacDonald Had a Truck by Goetz, Steve
An update of the classic folk song, Old MacDonald, featuring farm vehicles like excavator, dump truck, and bulldozer.

Rescue Squad No. 9
Rescue Squad No. 9 by Austin, Mike
A rescue squad saves a girl and her dog from their crashed sailboat during a storm.

Stack the Cats
Stack the Cats by Ghahremani, Susie
Cats of all shapes and sizes scamper, stretch and yawn across the pages of this adorable counting book. And every now and then, they find themselves in the purrfect fluffy stack!

The Airport Book
The Airport Book by Brown, Lisa
In a book that is as intriguing as it is useful and entertaining, we follow a family on its way through the complexities of a modern-day airport. From checking bags and watching them disappear on the mysterious conveyer belt, to security clearance and a seemingly endless wait at the gate to finally being airborne. But wait! There's more! The youngest family member's sock monkey has gone missing. Follow it at the bottom of the page as it makes a journey as memorable as that of the humans above.

The Children's Garden
The Children's Garden by Schaefer, Carol
Welcome to the Children's Garden--a beautiful place to connect with nature and the food cycle!

The Feel Good Book
The Feel Good Book by Parr, Todd
Relates things that make people feel good, from rubbing noses to wearing brand new pajamas.

The Giant Jumperee
The Giant Jumperee by Donaldson, Julia
A baby frog scares the other animals.

They All Saw a Cat
They All Saw a Cat by Wenzel, Brendan
In simple, rhythmic prose and stylized pictures, a cat walks through the world, and all the other creatures see and acknowledge the cat.

Treat by Sullivan, Mary
After performing endless tricks and futile searches, a treat-obsessed little dog finally makes a tasty discovery.

We're All Wonders
We're All Wonders by Palacio, R.J.
Augie enjoys the company of his dog, Daisy, and using his imagination, but painfully endures the taunts of his peers because of his facial deformity.

Where's the Party?
Where's the Party? by Chan, Ruth
Georgie the cat loves to throw parties but this time, not one of his friends can come.