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Library Recommends: April Fool's!

The comedians : drunks, thieves, scoundrels, and t

The comedians : drunks, thieves, scoundrels, and t by Kliph Nesteroff

(Adult Nonfiction) - Jokes change from generation to generation, but the experience of the stand-up comedian transcends the ages: the striving and struggles, the tragedy and triumph. From the Marx Brothers to Milton Berle, George Carlin to Eddie Murphy, Conan O'Brien to Louis C. K.--comedy historian Kliph Nesteroff presents a century of fascinating rebels, forgotten stars, and characters on the precipice of fame in this essential history of American comedy.
Causing a scene : extraordinary pranks in ordinary

Causing a scene : extraordinary pranks in ordinary by Charlie Todd

(Adult Nonfiction) - A fake U2 concert. A deranged hypnotist. A book signing by a dead author. Welcome to the wild world of Improv Everywhere. From the infamous No Pants! Subway Ride to the legendary Grand Central Freeze, Improv Everywhere has been responsible for some of the most original and subversive pranks of the Internet age. In Causing a Scene, the group's agents provide a hilarious firsthand account of their mischievous antics. Learn how they created a time loop in a Starbucks and gave Best Buy eighty extra employees. Join in on the fun with this irreverent, behind-the-scenes look at Improv Everywhere's world-famous missions, and get inspired to create your own memorable mayhem.
The museum of hoaxes : a collection of pranks, stu

The museum of hoaxes : a collection of pranks, stu by Alex Boese

(Adult Nonfiction) - Presents an entertaining collection of hundreds of documented historical hoaxes, pranks, deceptions, and stunts that have fooled the public from the Middle Ages to the present day, from Edgar Allan Poe's literary deception to P. T. Barnum, the master hoaxer, discussing the origin of April Fool's Day, providing a Gullibility Test, and more.
You Will Pay

You Will Pay by Lisa Jackson

(Adult Fiction) - It starts as a prank -- a way to blow off steam after a long summer at Camp Horseshoe. Among the teen counselors, tensions and hormones are running high. No wonder the others agree when Jo-Beth Chancellor suggests they scare Monica O'Neal a little--or a lot. Monica has it coming, and no one will really get hurt. What could go wrong? Twenty years later, Lucas Dalton, a senior detective with the sheriff's department, is investigating the discovery of human remains in a cavern at what used to be Camp Horseshoe. Lucas knows the spot well. His father, a preacher, ran the camp, and Lucas worked there that infamous summer when two girls went missing. One is believed to have been killed by a convict on the loose. Monica O'Neal is thought to have drowned and been washed out to sea. Lucas knows he should step down from such a personal case. He's already jeopardized his career by removing evidence of his involvement. But maybe it's time to uncover the whole truth at last. That's why five former female counselors are coming back to the small Oregon town -- among them, Bernadette Warden, the woman Lucas has never forgotten. Each one knows something about that terrible night. Each promised not to tell. And as they reunite, a new horror unfolds.
The Killer of Pilgrims

The Killer of Pilgrims by Susanna Gregory

(Adult Fiction) - When the body of one of the town's richest landlords is found in Michaelhouse, it seems at first that his death was accidental, but when Matthew Bartholomew views the corpse he knows it is murder.
April Fool Dead

April Fool Dead by Carolyn Hart

(Adult Fiction) - Death is no joke on Broward's Rock, though reading about deadly doings remains as popular a pastime as ever for citizens of the stormy South Carolina sea island. Now, with spring newly sprung, Annie Darling has conceived of an ingenious promotional scheme to draw customers into her Death on Demand bookshop for the upcoming in-store appearance by world-class mystery author Emma Clyde. Offering a free book to anyone who can solve a series of clues about popular whodunits, Annie and hubby Max pass out their flyers all over town. But an April Fool prankster is distributing a counterfeit flyer, supposedly devised by the Darlings, offering clues to several lethal local "accidents" that have occurred lately -- including the drowning of Ms. Clyde's own husband -- complete with not-so-vague accusations of murder. Suddenly the Darling name is mud, thanks to the vicious slanders of an unknown counterfeiter. And Annie knows that she herself is going to have to do the bulk of the sleuthing -- with the only intermittently effective aid of Max--if she doesn't want this particular April Fool's to last well past Memorial Day. Then, just as things couldn't seem to get any worse, they do. In the wink of a bloodshot eye, Annie's hunt for a malicious trickster has become a desperate search for a killer. Because now more than her reputation is at stake. If she can't rid her idyllic isle of a secret slayer, the malefactor's next murderous "joke" may be on her! Brimming with stunning surprises, rapier wit, and wonderful suspense -- boasting the author's trademark cast of uniquely unforgettable eccentrics -- Carolyn Hart's lucky thirteenth Death on Demand novel is an unmitigated delight, ranking with the very best of this, or any, contemporary cozy mystery series. No foolin'!