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The Digital Media Lab

The Digital Media Lab (DML) is Carmel's center for creative exploration, collaboration, innovation, and production. The DML is free community resource and open to all Carmel Clay Public Library and Indiana Public Library Access Card (PLAC) cardholders. Children 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult.

The Digital Media Lab is located at 23 East Main Street, Suite 100, in Carmel's Arts and Design District. The location is a five-minute walk from the library and high school and is convenient to downtown shops and restaurants. The popular "Unconditional Surrender" statue is front of the Lab. The Lab can be reached by phone at 317-810-1024.

What can I do at the Digital Media Lab?

The Digital Media Lab contains hardware and software that enables visitors to edit photos, create and edit videos, record podcasts, and more. The CCPL Digital Media Lab includes:

Who can use the Digital Media Lab?

The Digital Media Lab is open to all Carmel Clay Public Library cardholders aged 12 and above. Younger children may accompany parents if they are working a project together. You will need to show your library card to use a computer or the WhisperRoom. Non-residents may purchase a Public Library Access Card (PLAC) for $65 to gain access to the Digital Media Lab.

Do you offer classes?

Yes! We offer a wide variety of classes, both one-on-one and in group settings. Past offerings have included Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Podcasting, Camera Basics, and more. Click here to see what we're currently offering.

What is the WhisperRoom?

The WhisperRoom is a sound-isolation booth. It is equipped with microphones, a keyboard, drum kit, a Macbook with music-editing software, monitor speakers, an audio interface, and more. You may use our equipment or bring your own. The WhisperRoom is scheduled by reservation only. Reservations are offered in two-hour blocks and require a library card. Click here to reserve the WhisperRoom.

Do you offer 3D printing?

Absolutely! We have two FlashForge 3D printers and can assist you with printing your own designs, or finding an object online. We do charge a small fee to recoup the cost of the filament we use to print your job.

Any other questions?

Give us a call at 317-810-1024 or stop by today!