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About the Foundation

Ways to Give

The Guild

Foundation Board of Directors

The Carmel Clay Public Library Foundation is guided by a group of leaders who represent our community.


Teneen Dobbs, President
Cheryl Cooper, Vice President
Robert L. Christianson, Secretary
Dena Stirn, Treasurer

Board of Directors

Susan B. Anderson
Thomas A. Cheesman
Ryan Fuhrmann
Steven H. Gates
Megan Gregor
Andrew Greider
Neil Hazaray
Kirk Russell Hunt
Scott Kennedy
Karen Kohlmann
Vivian Lawhead
Stacy Murphy
Gwen Parker
Kristin Patrick
Angeline Protogere

Ex-Officio Board Members & Staff

James W. Hehner, CCPL Trustee
Jane N. Herndon, CCPL Trustee
Liz Hamilton, Foundation Director
Bob Swanay, CCPL Director
Stacey Kiernan, Guild President