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Online Catalog Options

There are a variety of methods available for searching the CCPL Catalog and manging your account.


Enterprise is our new online catalog launched in October, 2012. It has the most features and content of any of our catalog options. Enterprise is the default option for searching via the CCPL Website, as well as the catalog terminals inside the library building.

Enterprise can be accessed via the catalog search box in the web page header, or clicking "Catalog" in the upper left corner.

Enterprise can also be accessed directly at

CCPL Mobile

      CCPL Mobile is a web-based catalog option that can be used from any web browser. It is optimized for smart phone access with a narrower screen layout, fewer search options, and less content. It allows management of your account, including holds, renewals, and viewing fines. You cannot pay fines online using CCPL Mobile.

CCPL Mobile also contains basic library information such as hours, phone numbers, calendar of events and a map.

With many phones, you can add CCPL Mobile to your homescreen as icon.

CCPL Mobile can be accessed at


You can search the CCPL Catalog via Facebook. On the Library Facebook page, click the Library Search icon. You can search the catalog, manage your account, view and place holds, and perform renewals. You cannot pay fines online using Facebook.

You can like items, tweet them, or recommend via Google plus.

The Facebook search has less content and search options than Enterprise.



      Bookmyne is a free iPhone or Android app that can search the library catalog. You can also manage your account via Bookmyne. Other library information is not available through Bookmyne.

Bookmyne for the iPhone can be found online at the iTunes Store.

Bookmyne for Android found online through Google Play.