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How to Renew Online

CLICK HERE TO GO TO RENEWAL. Not sure how to renew? Instructions are below.



Items may be renewed online by following the instructions below, or please watch the video to the left.

Some items may not be renewed (such as those that are on hold for another patron). Please note that the renewal period begins from the date the item was renewed, not from the original due date.

To renew items, click the "My Account" link at the top of every library page. You may also use this direct link to your account, which skips the two login screens below and takes you directly into your account. Log into your account:

Your library card number is on the back of your library card. Enter it with no spaces. Your pin is usually the last four digits of your home phone number, unless you have changed it to some other value. Click here for help with your card number or PIN

From the "My Account" page, make sure that you've clicked on the "Checkouts" tab:

Select items to renew by placing a check in the box next to the item. Then click the green "Renew" button. You will be given a renewal confirmation screen:

Select "Yes" to renew the item. After renewal, you will be returned to the checkouts screen. If the renewal failed, red text will display with the item indicating why it could not be renewed:

The item above failed to renew because there are holds on the item. This item must be returned on time or fines will be assessed.