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New Health Titles

Hype : a doctor's guide to medical myths, exaggerated claims and bad advice - how to tell what's real and what's not

Hype is Dr. Nina Shapiro's engaging and informative look at the real science behind our most common beliefs and assumptions in the health sphere.

Tears of salt : a doctor's story

The internationally best-selling personal story of "the doctor on the front lines of the migrant crisis" (CNN).

Unthinkable : an extraordinary journey through the world's strangest brains

Helen Thomson has spent years travelling the world, tracking down incredibly rare brain disorders. In Unthinkable she tells the stories of nine ...

What you must know about the hidden dangers of antibiotics

As this book will show, being brushed off and dismissed as simple side effects essentially allows these manufactures to hide these problems from public view.

The clear skin diet : the six-week program for beautiful skin

This is it: a six-week plan to take control of skin issues using the simple principles of a low-fat vegan diet, foods such as potatoes, pasta, ...

The aging brain : proven steps to prevent dementia and sharpen your mind

Based on solid, up-to-date scientific research, the interventions explained in this book not only prevent progression toward dementia even in ...

Little panic : dispatches from an anxious life

Tenderly delivered and expertly structured, Amanda Stern's memoir is a document of the transformation of New York City and a deep, personal, ...