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New Parenting Titles

Coach parenting : raising teenagers with advice from pro football's greatest head coaches

Katz's unprecedented access to these renowned coaches provides parents with a guide to commanding the respect of their home and getting the ...

Calmer, easier, happier screen time : for parents of toddlers to teens: a guide to getting back in charge of technology

In Calmer Easier Happier Screen Time, Noel adapts her proven parenting strategies to this most complex of areas.

Becoming an ally to the gender-expansive child : a guide for parents and carers

For anyone eager to understand their child's gender experience, or to learn how best to accept, support and protect them, this book will provide ...

Raising royalty : 1000 years of royal parenting

How royal parents dealt with raising their children over the past thousand years, from keeping Vikings at bay to fending off paparazzi.

Born to eat : whole, healthy foods from baby's first bite

Eating is an innate skill that has been overcomplicated by marketing schemes and a dieting culture. We, as humans, are Born to Eat, and it seems ...

We don't talk anymore : healing after parents and their adult children become estranged

A meaningful and supportive guide to rebuilding family relationships and dealing with the pain of estrangement.

Staying connected to your teenager : how to keep them talking to you and how to hear what they're really saying

In the sage, practical Staying Connected to Your Teenager, family psychologist Michael Riera reveals that in every teen there are two very different ...