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New Religion Titles

Open to the Spirit : God in us, God with us, God transforming us

This is the third work in a three-part series examining some of the more mysterious components of the Christian faith. Scot's The Heaven Promise ...

No recipe : cooking as spiritual practice

In this timeless collection of essays, Brown explores awakening in the sacred space of the kitchen.

Days of awe and wonder : how to be a Christian in the twenty-first century

Showcasing some of his most enduring and insightful writings, including many previously unpublished works, a concise and illuminating introduction ...

Christian : the politics of a word in America

The varieties of American Christian experience speak to an essentially contested concept of political rights and wrongs. Though diverse Christian ...

The darkening age : the Christian destruction of the classical world

In The Darkening Age, Nixey resurrects this lost history, offering a wrenching account of the rise of Christianity and its terrible cost.