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New Sports Titles

Kayaking with Eric Jackson : strokes and concepts

In this illustrated guide, he uses his innovative teaching methods to reintroduce the fundamental strokes in detail.

Jack Parker's wiseguys : the national champion BU Terriers, the blizzard of '78, and the road to the miracle on ice

The story of one of the most outrageous national championship teams of the swashbuckling '70s.

Absolute tennis : the best and next way to play the game

Recognizing that tennis is a highly athletic, tactical, and mental game, he dedicates a large part of the book to the body, singles and doubles ...

Stress-free motorboating : single and short-handed techniques

This indispensable guide takes the stress out of motorboating with step by step photographic instructions on how to perform essential boat-handling ...

The new in chess book of chess improvement : lessons from the best players in the world's leading chess magazine

Acclaimed chess author Steve Giddins is firmly convinced that the study of well-annotated master games is the best way to improve. Therefore ...

Run better : how to improve your running technique and prevent injury

Run Better sets out to help runners of all abilities run smarter and injury-free by reviewing the proper mechanics of running and the role of ...

Women who tri : a reluctant athlete's journey into the heart of America's newest obsession

Her New Jersey town is home to the nation's largest all-female triathlon club, and resistance is futile. In Women Who Tri, Alicia DiFabio dives ...