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New European History Titles

Anatomy of a genocide : the life and death of a town called Buczacz

Then came World War II, and three years later the entire Jewish population had been murdered by German and Ukrainian police, while Ukrainian ...

The sea devil : the adventures of Felix Von Luckner, the last raider under sail

In 1916, a three-masted windjammer bearing Norwegian colors sailed out of a quiet anchorage in Germany, loaded with cargo and apparently bound for Australia.

A crime in the family

It is the story of executioners and victims, villains and heroes.

London's triumph : merchants, adventurers, and money in Shakespeare's city

The dramatic story of the dazzling growth of London in the sixteenth century.

A perfidious distortion of history : the Versailles peace treaty and the success of the Nazis

Woodrow Wilson and the US's role also play an important part in this story.

The last London : true fictions from an unreal city

In The Last London, he strikes out on a series of solitary walks and collaborative expeditions to make a final reckoning with a capital stretched ...

Their backs against the sea : the Battle of Saipan and the largest banzai attack of World War II

Combining grunt's-view grit with big picture panorama (and one of the ugliest inter-service controversies of the war), Their Backs against the ...

Battle hardened : an infantry officer's harrowing journey from D-Day to VE Day

At the time, he wanted to prove his mettle in battle-he had long since done that. Now he had command of a rifle company because he had that ...

The 1st (US) Infantry Division : [North Africa, Sicily, Normandy, the Bulge, Germany]

The illustrated story of the most famous of US Army Divisions in WW2, from North Africa to Germany, and that of its outstanding generals, such ...

Divided on D-Day : how conflicts and rivalries jeopardized the Allied victory at Normandy

In anticipation of the seventy-fifth anniversary of D-Day comes this fresh perspective on the Normandy invasion - the beginning of the end of ...

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