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New Government Titles

The archipelago of hope : wisdom and resilience from the edge of climate change

An enlightening global journey reveals the inextricable links between indigenous cultures and their lands--and how it can form the foundation ...

Extreme cities : the peril and promise of urban life in the age of climate change

In Extreme Cities, Ashley Dawson argues that cities are ground zero for climate change, contributing the lion's share of carbon to the atmosphere, ...

Lobbying for change : find your voice to create a better society

We need effective citizen-lobbyists - not just likers, followers or even marchers - more than ever. I have no hesitation in lobbying you to read this book.

Republican like me : how I left the liberal bubble and learned to love the right

Some of his dearly cherished assumptions about the Right slip away. Republican Like Me reveals what led him to change his mind about an increasingly ...

Decolonization : a short history

This book takes an incisive look at decolonization and its long-term consequences, revealing it to be a coherent yet multidimensional process ...

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