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New Science Titles

Purpose and desire : what makes something "alive" and why modern Darwinism has failed to explain it

In Purpose and Desire, Turner draws on the work of Claude Bernard, a contemporary of Darwin revered among physiologists as the founder of experimental ...

Where the animals go : tracking wildlife with technology in 50 maps and graphics

"Where the Animals Go is beautiful and thrilling, a combination of the best in science and exposition, and a joy to study cover to cover."--Edward ...

Moose : crowned giant of the northern wilderness

Illustrated with the exquisite photographs of famed wilderness photographer Mark Raycroft, this book celebrates this magnificent and elusive forest giant.

Tank : the definitive visual history of armored vehicles.

A celebration of the world's iconic military vehicles told with gripping visual detail, Tank is the ultimate guide to the machines that changed the world.

Blackbird : a history of the untouchable spy plane

The fascinating story of the spy plane SR-71 Blackbird -- the fastest manned aircraft in the history of aviation.

Special relativity and classical field theory : the theoretical minimum

The third volume in the bestselling physics series cracks open Einstein's special relativity and field theory Physicist Leonard Susskind and ...

Darwin's backyard : how small experiments led to a big theory

Darwin's Backyard goes beyond the portrait of Charles Darwin as a brilliant thinker to concentrate on him as a nimble experimenter delving into ...

The astronomy book

An essential guide to milestone developments in astronomy, telling the story of our ideas about space, time, and the physics of the cosmos--from ...

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