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New Sports Titles

Let your mind run : a memoir of thinking my way to victory

Let Your Mind Run is a fascinating intimate look inside the mind of an elite athlete, a remarkable story of achievement, and an insightful primer ...

The curse of the Indy 500 : 1958's tragic legacy

Veteran sportswriter Stan Sutton profiles the ill-fated 1958 Indy 500 and the careers of the drivers involved, highlighting the exciting but ...

Messi vs Ronaldo 2018

In this new edition of Messi vs Ronaldo, updated to include all the action from 2016/17, Luca Caioli draws on the exclusive testimonies of managers, ...

Try not to suck : the exceptional, extraordinary baseball life of Joe Maddon

Packed with insight, anecdotes, and little-known facts, this is the definitive account of the curse-breaker and trailblazer at the helm of the Cubs' new era.

Tiger Woods

In Tiger Woods, Jeff Benedict and Armen Keteyian dig deep behind the headlines to produce a richly reported answer to the question that has ...

Timman's titans : my world chess champions

In this fascinating book, Timman portrays ten World Chess Champions that played an important role in his life and career.

Getting to us : how great coaches make great teams

There's no single right way, of course--part of the great value of this book is Davis's distillation of what he has learned about different ...

No barriers : a blind man's journey to kayak the Grand Canyon

It is the story of my own life, the personal and professional struggles in the pursuit of growth, learning, and family, as well as a dream to ...

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