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Two and two : McSorley's, my dad, and me

This is the landmark watering hole where Abraham Lincoln campaigned and Boss Tweed kicked back with the Tammany Hall machine. Where a pair of ...

Highway 1 California : the dream road along the Pacific

Highway 1 California the book presents the California portion in stunning color, a testament to why it receives the most domestic visitors of ...

Route 1 : New England

A tour down Route 1 is a trip of history and nostalgia, as well as a slice across American culture, with all its quirks and eccentricities in full bloom.

Driving Miss Norma : one family's journey saying "yes" to living

Infused with this irrepressible nonagenarian's wisdom, courage, and generous spirit, Driving Miss Norma is the charming, infectiously joyous ...

Secret marvels of the world

Featuring communist bunkers, burning gas craters and at least one sponge-rock fluorescent grotto built by Polish monks, this book reveals weird ...

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