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New American History Titles

Lincoln & Churchill : statesmen at war

A Renowned Historian Gives New Perspective on Statesmen at War Lewis E. Lehrman, a renowned historian and National Humanities Medal winner, ...

When Montezuma met Cortés : the true story of the meeting that changed history

Drawing on rare primary sources and overlooked accounts by conquistadors and Aztecs alike, Restall explores Cortés's and Montezuma's posthumous ...

The great stain : witnessing American slavery

Draws on personal accounts from the transatlantic slave trade era to share firsthand insights into what slavery was actually like from the perspectives ...

The gospel of trees : a memoir

Beautiful, poignant, and explosive, The Gospel of Trees is the story of a family crushed by ideals, and restored to kindness by honesty.

Black fortunes : the story of the first six African Americans who escaped slavery and became millionaires

Nearly all the unforgettable personalities in this amazing collection were often attacked, demonized, or swindled out of their wealth. Black ...

The Trump White House : changing the rules of the game

The unvarnished and unbiased inside story of President Donald Trump and his White House by New York Times bestselling author Ronald Kessler ...

What you are getting wrong about Appalachia

An insider's perspective on Appalachia, and a frank, ferocious assessment of America's recent fascination with the people and the problems of the region.

The Watergate : inside America's most infamous address

Like the famous ocean liner, the Watergate was ahead of its time, filled with boldface names - and ultimately doomed. The Watergate is a captivating ...

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