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New Arts Titles

Chinese furniture : a guide to collecting antiques

This antique furniture book presents an overview of carving styles, wood types, regional variations, class distinctions and restoration techniques.

Creating the vintage look : 35 ways to upcycle for a stylish home

Discover how to make unusual and unique homeware with Creating the Vintage Look.

149 paintings you really need to see in North America (so you can ignore the others)

Presented with wit and irreverence, here is the best that North American galleries have to offer.

101 textures in colored pencil

The book is organized into sections based on subject matter, making finding what exactly you need a breeze. Don't put your artistic endeavors on hold!

Why comics? : from underground to everywhere

The topics Why Comics? include: " Why Disaster: with such major works focusing on disasters, from Art Spiegelman's work, which covers the Holocaust ...

500 self portraits

This text presents, without commentary, 500 of the world's greatest self-portraits, arranged in a chronological sequence from ancient Egypt ...

All the pieces matter : the inside story of The Wire

An oral history of HBO's The Wire.

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