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New Asian History Titles

Withdrawal : reassessing America's final years in Vietnam

In a bold new interpretation of America's final years in Vietnam, acclaimed historian Gregory A. Daddis disproves these longstanding myths. ...

So happiness to meet you : foolishly, blissfully stranded in Vietnam

A captivatingly funny travel memoir about an LA family that moves to Vietnam to ride out the Great Recession.

Six years in the Hanoi Hilton : an extraordinary story of courage and survival in Vietnam

Written by Shively's stepdaughter Amy Hawk--whose mother Nancy ultimately reunited with and married Shively in a triumphant love story--and ...

No room for small dreams : courage, imagination, and the making of modern Israel

In this, his final work, finished only weeks before his passing, Peres offers a long-awaited examination of the crucial turning points in Israeli ...

A rift in the Earth : art, memory, and the fight for a Vietnam War memorial

A Distinguished and Bestselling Historian and Army Veteran Revisits the Culture War that Raged around the Selection of Maya Lin's Design for ...

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