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New European History Titles

Queens of the conquest : England's medieval queens. Book one

In the first volume of an exciting new series, bestselling author Alison Weir brings the dramatic reigns of England's medieval queens to life.

Alone : Britain, Churchill, and Dunkirk : defeat into victory

It is this pivotal turning point in world history that Korda captures with such immediacy in Alone, a work that triumphantly demonstrates that ...

Love in a time of hate : the story of Magda and André Trocmé and the village that said no to the Nazis

One young couple. One small village. Thousands of Jews on the run from the Nazis. An intimate portrait of Magda ans Andre Trocme, who transformed ...

The last of the tsars : Nicholas II and the Russian Revolution

A riveting account of the last eighteen months of Tsar Nicholas II's life and reign from one of the finest Russian historians writing today.

The Riviera set : glitz, glamour, and the hidden world of high society

The Riviera Set reveals the story of the group of people who lived, partied, bed-hopped and politicked at the Ch teau de l'Horizon near Cannes, ...

The House of Government : a saga of the Russian Revolution

On the 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution, the epic story of an enormous apartment building where Communist true believers lived before ...

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