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The maverick soul : inside the lives & homes of eccentric, eclectic & free-spirited bohemians

No one person is a reproduction of another; each of us is unique, shaped by the diversities of our own individual layers, and this book is a ...

Thrifty chic : interior style on a shoestring

Divided into 7 chapters, Thrifty Chic will take you through everything you need to know to jazz-up your home.

Perfect French country

In Perfect French Country Ros Byam Shaw celebrates relaxed rural France at its finest, visiting timeless and beautiful French country homes ...

New Nordic colour : decorating with a vibrant modern palette

As well as discussing the theories behind this shift and analysis of the most popular colour schemes, in New Nordic Colour interiors writer ...

Love where you live : at home in the country

This beautiful book shows us how to make our homes reflect the passion, the unique vision, and the soul of the people who reside there.

Home sweet maison : the French art of making a home

At the center of the book is the idea that your house should be a reflection of you, your hobbies, your family history, your rituals, all the ...

Your home, your style : how to find your look & create rooms you love

Enriched with easy takeaways (how to style a bookshelf four different ways; how to create a gallery wall), and illustrated with polished attainable ...

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