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New Religion Titles

Overcoming shame

Dr. Mark W. Baker wants to open your eyes to the real battle you're facing and teach you the skills to effectively fight back.

Grateful : the transformative power of giving thanks

In Grateful, Bass challenges readers to think about the impact gratitude has in our spiritual lives, and encourages them to make gratitude a ...

Faith : a journey for all

The religious aspects of faith are also covered, since this is how the word is most often used, and I have included a description of the ways ...

Unbelievable : why neither ancient creeds nor the Reformation can produce a living faith today

In this final book of his storied career, Spong continues to integrate a rigorous schol-arly tradition with the Christian faith and so offers ...

A magical world : superstition and science from the Renaissance to the Enlightenment

Spanning some of the most vibrant and fascinating eras in European history, Cambridge historian Derek Wilson reveals a society filled with an ...

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