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New Science Titles

The complete guide to drones : choose + build + photograph + race

Get the Best Pictures: This edition includes an extended guide to the tech and composition tricks you can use to make your pictures stand out of the pack.

My dad had that car : a nostalgic look at the American automobile, 1920-1990

Automotive journalist Matt Stone provides a new general introduction and one to each era within the book.

Drive : the definitive history of driving

Beginning with the development of the first vehicles powered by an internal combustion engine, Drive explores the early glamour of driving, ...

Magnitude : the scale of the universe

In Magnitude, Kimberly Arcand and Megan Watzke take us on an expansive journey to the limits of size, mass, distance, time, temperature in our ...

Wild moms : motherhood in the animal kingdom

A fascinating and entertaining tour of motherhood in the animal kingdom that reveals a new perspective on the mother/child relationship.

Close encounters with humankind : a paleoanthropologist investigates our evolving species

In this captivating bestseller, Korea's first paleoanthropologist offers fresh insights into humanity's dawn and evolution.

Stalin and the scientists : a history of triumph and tragedy 1905-1953

An eye-opening history of science in the Soviet Union, following the scientists who survived Stalin's rule and helped to reshape the world.

The practical astronomer

This updated edition also includes an almanac section to identify significant events such as eclipses, plus the newest equipment and latest ...

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