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New Ancient History Titles

Archaeology : the essential guide to our human past

A trip through time and around the globe to more than 100 major sites of archaeological importance.

Sparta : rise of a warrior nation

What makes the study of Sparta so interesting is that to a large extent the Spartans lived up to this image. Ancient Sparta, however, was a city of contrasts.

The Goths : Conquerors of the Roman Empire

Adrianople, the events of 410 and the Ostrogoths' long war with Belisarius, including the Siege of Rome, are among the campaigns and battles ...

The storm before the storm : the beginning of the end of the Roman Republic

Chronicling the years 146-78 BC, The Storm Before the Storm dives headlong into the first generation to face this treacherous new political environment.

Curse of the pharaoh's tombs : tales of the unexpected since the days of Tutankhamun

The book puts the record straight on matters which have been wrongly recorded by others, such as the legend of Tutankhamun, as well as presenting ...