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New Education Titles

Little soldiers : an American boy, a Chinese school, and the global race to achieve

When American journalist Lenora Chu moved to Shanghai with her little boy, Rainey, just down the street from the state-run school - the best, ...

Teach like Finland : 33 simple strategies for joyful classrooms

No educator - or parent of a school-aged child - will want to miss out on the message of joy and change conveyed in this book.

A practical education : why liberal arts majors make great employees

Stross also weaves the students' stories with the history of Stanford, the rise of professional schools, the longstanding contention between ...

The new education : how to revolutionize the university to prepare students for a world in flux

A leading educational thinker argues that the American university is stuck in the past--and shows how we can revolutionize it to prepare students ...

Addicted to reform : a 12-step program to rescue public education

Covering topics from how to turn digital natives into digital citizens to why it should be harder to become a teacher but easier to be one..

Eight first choices : an expert's strategies for getting into college

Written within an educational framework, this handbook offers general guidance to help students do a self-assessment and select the top eight ...

The ultimate guide to college transfer : from surviving to thriving

The Ultimate Guide to College Transfer is a comprehensive guide, designed to make college transfer between four-year schools as successful as possible.