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New Government Titles

What I found in a thousand towns : a traveling musician's guide to rebuilding America's communities--one coffee shop, dog run, and open-mike night at a time

Drawing on her own travels and the work of urban theorists, Williams offers real solutions to rebuild declining communities.

Storming the wall : climate change, migration, and homeland security

Fast-paced frontline reportage chronicling how climate change is accelerating migration, border build-up, and militarization in the US and beyond.

Jumping at shadows : the triumph of fear and the end of the American dream

Jumping at Shadows is Sasha Abramsky's searing account of America's most dangerous epidemic: irrational fear.

Rogue spooks : the intelligence war on Donald Trump

This is the story of an attempted coup d'├ętat - now in progress - by rogue intelligence agents.

Built on bones : 15,000 years of urban life and death

In a time when "Paleo" lifestyles are trendy and so many of us feel the pain of the city daily grind, this book asks the critical question: Was it worth it?

Vanishing New York : how a great city lost its soul

In Vanishing New York, he reports on the city's development in the twenty-first century, a period of "hyper-gentrification" that has resulted ...