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New Sports Titles

Celebrate everything! : fun ideas to bring your parties to life

Darcy Miller, the founder and editorial director of Martha Stewart Weddings - and one of the world's most influential celebrations experts - ...

The pitch that killed : the story of Carl Mays, Ray Chapman, and the Pennant Race of 1920

This new edition with a foreword by TK introduces to a new generation of readers this classic account of baseball's only death at bat--how the ...

My first coach : inspiring stories of NFL quarterbacks and their dads

MY FIRST COACH tells the compelling, real-life stories of some of the country's most famous quarterbacks and how they took advantage of or overcame ...

4th and goal every day : Alabama's relentless pursuit of perfection

In his words, Savage details Coach Saban's year-round preparation, his willingness to adjust and his belief in "complimentary football." The ...

Champions Way : football, Florida, and the lost soul of college sports

A searing expose of how the multibillion dollar college sports empire fails universities, students, and athletes.

Blitzed : why NFL teams gamble on starting rookie quarterbacks

An in-depth look into the inner workings of NFL decision-making and the odds of success for young talent.

Battling the oceans in a rowboat : crossing the Atlantic and North Pacific on oars and grit

The heart-pounding story of rowing expert Mick Dawson's most challenging feats on the open water, culminating in his greatest achievement: crossing ...

The arena : inside the tailgating, ticket-scalping, mascot-racing, dubiously funded, and possibly haunted monuments of American sport

Riotous fan behavior, behind-the-scenes machinations, and madcap histories dominate in this unrivaled exploration of the modern American sports stadium.