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What We're Reading: The Baker's Secret

The Baker's Secret

In a small French village off the coast of Normandy, a baker cunningly helps the people of her town stay alive during the German occupation.


What We're Reading: Egg Shop: The Cookbook

Egg Shop: The Cookbook

Eggs aren't just for breakfast anymore, and New York chef Nick Korbee gives them their due in Egg Shop: The Cookbook, which shares recipes from New York City's popular Egg Shop restaurant in addition to other eggy favorites of Korbee's. Recipes span cuisines, and nestled between them are often funny, always educational musings from the chef on a variety of topics, from why fresh, seasonal ingredients are best (and which fruits and veggies can stand in as year-round kitchen staples), to the merits of knowing your butcher. The overall theme is quality in, quality out.


Upcoming Releases November 2017

Upcoming Releases November 2017

Wondering when your favorite authors next book will be released? Below is a list of upcoming releases by popular authors. The titles on this list are on order for the library and can be placed on hold by clicking the links below. Release dates are subject to change.

If you have any questions or need assistance with placing one of these books on hold, please stop by the Readers' Advisory desk or call 814-3987.


What We're Reading: How to Tame a Beast in Seven Days

How to Tame a Beast in Seven Days

In the land of Aerthlan, children born when the two moons "embrace" have special abilities. Those in the four kingdoms on the mainland fear the Embraced children who are to be put to death if they are discovered. Lord Leofric of Benwick, the Beast, is Embraced and the nephew of the tyrannical king of Eberon, one of the mainland's kingdoms. He has earned the name of the Beast due to his ability, or curse, to absorb energy from lightning. His terrible and powerful ability makes it impossible for Leo to touch or be touched by others.


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