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My Lady's Choosing : An Interactive Romance Novel

     by Kitty Curran and Larissa Zageris

My Lady's Choosing : An Interactive Romance Novel

This book is a fun romp through Regency romance in the format of the Choose Your Own Adventure books readers might remember from their childhood. You, the reader, are a penniless woman with no current romantic prospects. Starting on page one, you will meet your best friend and three eligible bachelors who are reminiscent of swoonworthy literary characters Mr. Darcy, Jamie Fraser and Mr. Rochester. Will the choices you make at the bottom of each page help you find the love of your life or are you fated to spend your life as a spinster? Because there are so many options, you can finish the story and start all over again on page one with a different love interest!  

Lots of puns and wordplay pepper this romance while the black and white illustrations serve to enhance the experience for the reader. This book contains some grown-up content, even if the language is playful and cheeky. This book is recommended for an adult audience with a fondness for interactive romance.

Reviewed by bm, 4/18. Other reviews by bm.