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About a Boy

     by Hornby, Nick

About a Boy

Will is a fashionable, 36 year old bachelor who lives comfortably off the royalties from a Christmas song his father wrote many years ago. The one thing missing from Will’s life is a girlfriend, and he’s having trouble finding someone. After dating Angie, a single mother, Will discovers a great place to meet women - single parents groups. He invents a 2 year old son, Ned, and joins SPAT (Single Parents, Alone Together). What a great way to meet women, thinks Will. During one of the SPAT outings, Will meets Marcus, a 12 year old boy whose mother is a SPAT member. This meeting begins a strange and unique friendship between Will and Marcus. Marcus eventually realizes that Will has no son, yet he remains Will’s friend (although Marcus’ mother is understandably upset). Through a series of events, Will and Marcus’ bond grows stronger, and they both eventually find their relationship growing and changing in ways neither would have expected.  

This is Nick Hornby’s second novel, following High Fidelity. Like his previous work, this book is a fun and easy read.

Reviewed by pk, 6/98. Other reviews by pk.