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Pavement Chalk Artist

     by Beever, Julian

Pavement Chalk Artist

In his new book Pavement Chalk Artist, Julian Beever explains how he got started making the three- dimensional chalk drawings that have made him famous and describes the anamorphic technique he uses. Following these introductory pages come many full-page photographs of his drawings, and what a marvel they are to see! Batman and Robin climbing up the side of a tall building, a Roman mosaic at the bottom of an excavation, a fish pond, and white water rafting are just a few of the subjects drawn by the artist. The photograph of each project is accompanied by details of its creation, including locations, weather problems, perspective and visits by the police. 

Beever has been making these unique chalk drawings on sidewalks in cities around the world since the mid-1990s. It is interesting to note that these drawings only look "proper" when looking at them through the lens of his carefully positioned camera. Some of the drawings are intended to invite the participation of pedestrians and Julian photographs himself, his small daughter, or others strategically placed. Photographs of his work have been forwarded around the Internet via email for several years, so readers may have seen some examples of his work already. They are truly fascinating!

Reviewed by mc, 01/11. Other reviews by mc.