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Equal Rites

     by Pratchett, Terry

Equal Rites

A dying wizard goes to the home of an eighth son as his eighth son is being born. Just before the wizard dies, he zaps his power into the new born son. Oops! The son is actually a daughter. On Discworld, women can only be witches, drawing their power from the earth, not from magic. Who has ever heard of a female wizard? Why, it's against the lore. So Eskarina, nicknamed Esk, tries very hard to learn to be a witch. But her magic powers keep leaking out and destroying things. So her teacher Granny Weatherwax, the local witch, takes her to the city of Ankh-Morpork to Unseen University, the wizard school. Of course, a woman has never been admitted to Unseen University. Together Esk, Granny and Simon, a new student-wizard, change the face of magic on Discworld forever. 

Equal Rites is an adult read-a-like for J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series. It is great fun with many puns and snide commentaries on life and manners in "The Real World." Equal Rites is the third book in Terry Pratchett's 20+ volume Discworld series.

Reviewed by cp, 6/00. Other reviews by cp.