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     by Preston, Douglas and Lincoln Child


Something evil is lurking in the halls of the New York Museum of Natural History. Several gruesome murders occur shortly before the opening of a new exhibition showcasing relics from an Amazonian tribe. The autopsy results are puzzling . . . is the murderer human? The FBI sends Agent Aloysius X. L. Pendergast to investigate. Not wanting to alarm the public, the museum directors choose to continue with the exhibition opening gala. Mayhem ensues. Will anyone escape alive? A twist at the end will leave you wondering. 

Relic is a fast-paced, cinematic suspense/horror novel that was a New York Times Bestseller in 1995. Descriptions of the monster and the deceased are graphic and gory. The movie The Relic (1997) is based on this book. Relic is the first title in the Agent Pendergast series by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child (the most recent was published in 2011). This series might appeal to fans of James Rollins and Michael Crichton.

Reviewed by nw, 12/11. Other reviews by nw.