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First Marathons

     by Kislevitz, Gail

First Marathons

What does it really take to complete the 26.2 miles that comprise a modern day marathon? First Marathons is a collection of personal experiences written by runners after the completion of their first races. The stories are contributed from Olympic caliber athletes as well as average recreational runners. On one end of this spectrum are stories from elites like Bill Rodgers, the famous marathoner who captured America‚Äôs heart in the 1970s with his many Boston and New York marathon wins, as well as Ted Corbitt, the legendary ultramarathoner, who describes not only the barriers of running races up to 100 miles long, but also the color barriers he encountered as a runner of African-American descent during the 1930s and 1940s. On the other end of the spectrum are stories from runners such as Bill Begg, who ran his first marathon after only a few weeks of training. Each story is unique, just as each runner had unique challenges to face during his or her first marathon. 

This book is a fun and exciting read for anyone who enjoys running or sports in general. The stories of everyday people who have risen to the challenge of completing a marathon are invigorating and uplifting.

Reviewed by pk, 1/99. Other reviews by pk.