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     by Gaiman, Neil


Tristran Thorn is desperate to win the love of the beautiful Victoria Forester. When he tells her he'd do anything for her, including journeying to the Arctic to slay mighty polar bears, Victoria just mocks him. But Tristran refuses to be daunted, and to get rid of him, Victoria finally orders him to fetch her a star as they see it fall to the earth in the distance. So Tristran sets off toward the star through the guarded wall that marks the boundary of faery, not realizing that his own past is intertwined with this land and its denizens. Nor does he know that in searching for the star, he has gained formidable enemies who would like to obtain it for their own secret, and perhaps evil, purposes. 

Reminiscent of The Princess Bride, this fairy tale for adults offers plenty of romance, adventure, humor, and surprises. Also like the Princess Bride, it would make a wonderful film. By the author of Good Omens and Neverwhere.

Reviewed by mh, 3/99. Other reviews by mh.