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Crocodile Soup

     by Darling, Julia

Crocodile Soup

Gert, who has been the victim of an unloving and vain mother, has found her soul mate in Eva. Working as a curator in ancient Egyptian artifacts, she relives her childhood, adolescence, and adult life with her telepathic twin brother, her estranged father, her inept mother, previous homosexual lovers, and a ghost that lived in the attic room she was forced to inhabit. Brushes with insanity and sanity intertwine as she tries to come to terms with her mother who now coerces her for financial and moral support. A part of her must envy her twin's solution to a perplexing life.  

Written from the eastern side of the Atlantic, this diary would appeal to readers who enjoy British sitcoms on PBS. Crocodile Soup is a tender look at an emotionally fragile woman growing up in a confused and apathetic world.

Reviewed by ks, 7/00. Other reviews by ks.