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Charlotte Gray

     by Faulks, Sebastian

Charlotte Gray

In early 1942 a young Scottish woman named Charlotte Gray leaves her Edinburgh home to work in London as a doctor's receptionist. Charlotte establishes herself in London and falls in love with a RAF pilot named Peter Gregory. Peter is an older pilot who has outlived most of his fellow pilots and gravitates to riskier missions. Realizing that she takes no interest in her job, Charlotte begins training with a clandestine government section to work as a courier in France. Before Charlotte leaves for her mission, Peter's plane is lost in France. Determined to locate her lover, Charlotte stays in France and works with the Resistance while becoming involved in the lives of French villagers. 

A historical novel of love and war Charlotte Gray examines the impact of World War II on the lives of individuals. Wartime France provides the context for the complex characterization of ordinary people caught up in great events. Charlotte Gray concludes a trilogy by Faulks that begins with Birdsong and spans World War I through World War II.

Reviewed by ds, 7/00. Other reviews by ds.