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Before I Say Good-bye

     by Clark, Mary Higgins

Before I Say Good-bye

Newspaper columnist Nell MacDermott has had the occasional ability to communicate supernaturally since her grandmother and parents died. Now her architect husband's opposition is stymieing her lifelong calling to politics. In a snit, she tells her husband to skip coming home; then his cabin cruiser explodes in New York Harbor, ending his dream project just as building inspectors are pressing for indictments against his old employer. Nightmares incapacitate a seriously disturbed child who witnessed this fiery devastation, and a pediatric surgeon searches for his mother who abandoned him for the life of a bag lady. When Nell's Aunt Gert is visited by a clairvoyant anxious to arrange a supernatural visit between Nell and her departed husband, and the widow of another man killed in the boat explosion gives Nell $50,000 to return to its rightful owner, Nell is entwined in a mystery that leads to startling conclusions that may take her life. 

Before I Say Good-bye is a mystery spiced with the familiar journey into the supernatural that one has often come to expect from Mary Higgins Clark. She has, once again, woven a modern setting with elements of the occult to make a fabric that is uniquely hers.

Reviewed by ks, 8/00. Other reviews by ks.