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"M" is for Malice

     by Grafton, Sue

Kinsey Millone, the spunky private detective heroine of this conveniently alphabetical series, is hired by an attorney for a very simple task - find a person who has been "missing" for eighteen years. She quickly accomplishes this job, but if you have read any of Sue Grafton's books, you know that is not the end of it. Guy Malek, a troubled youth, left his family much as the prodigal son. His father gave him his share of the family fortune at the time but he was never seen nor heard from again. Kinsey's search for Guy is initiated when the family patriarch dies and his revised will cannot be found. Guy's three brothers are hostile toward him when he returns to the family home. Murder and malice are uncovered as Kinsey becomes more involved in delving into the family's mysteries. 

Like Sue Grafton's other books, this is very fast paced with good character development and an engrossing plot. There is good detail regarding the family business and the legal issues surrounding wills and estates, making the story interesting as well as believable. You do not have to read Grafton's books in order, although it is interesting to see the character of Kinsey Millhone develop through time.

Reviewed by mb, 9/2000. Other reviews by mb.