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Jade Green: A Ghost Story

     by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

Jade Green: A Ghost Story

From the moment young Judith Sparrows moves in with her Uncle George in his dark Victorian mansion in Whispers, North Carolina, she is haunted by the former guest of the manor, Jade Green. Jade suffered a ghastly death, supposedly committing suicide by chopping off her hand with a meat cleaver. The uncle warns Judith that the color green is absolutely forbidden in his house, but Judith cannot bear to part with her dead mother's precious photograph, framed in green velvet. She hides it in the bottom of her trunk in the closet. This violation brings the ghost of Jade Green to her room in the form of a severed hand that crawls across the floor to hide beneath Judith's bed. The severed hand also appears in the middle of the night, playing the piano in the parlor. Then Judith and the cook are locked in the cellar and the house is set on fire. Was it Jade or someone else? Will Judith and the cook escape? 

This Young Adult book is a fast, fun and frightening read. Written in an old-fashioned prose fashion, it is a cozy horror story despite the gruesome death of the ghost, Jade Green, who appears in the story as a disembodied hand. There's a bit of light romance as well, but nothing serious.

Reviewed by ls, 9/00. Other reviews by ls.