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The Bone Density Diet: 6 Weeks to a Strong Body and Mind

     by Kessler, George J.

The Bone Density Diet: 6 Weeks to a Strong Body and Mind

The good news this book has to offer is a program to reclaim bone density at any age. Dr. Kessler describes various tests available to check bone density levels, and how to evaluate the risks of developing osteoporosis. He discusses a broad range of treatments for osteoporosis and its prevention, including traditional hormone replacement, drugs (Fosamax, Didronel), herbs, diet/nutrition, and exercise. As there is no one plan which will appeal to or work for everyone, Dr. Kessler encourages cooperation with a physician to determine the best course of action. 

Fans of Dr. Andrew Weil will be pleased to encounter in Dr. Kessler's book the same careful, thoughtful, and readable analysis of an important health issue. Dr. Kessler is well-qualified to write about bones. As an osteopath, his medical education included traditional coursework and clinical training, as well as additional work on the musculoskeletal system, including bone health. Women and men will find a wealth of information here to help keep bones strong and healthy.

Reviewed by mc, 9/00. Other reviews by mc.