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A Cup of Tea

     by Ephron, Amy

A Cup of Tea

Rosemary Fell was born to privilege. On a whim, she brings home to tea a young woman she sees shivering in the rain under a streetlamp. Unbeknownst to her, she is setting the scene for a dramatic change in her own life. As soon as Rosemary notes interest in her fiance's eyes, she sends the woman, Eleanor, back out on the street with just enough money to get started in a new life. Nothing is revealed of Eleanor's past, but her life becomes entwined with Rosemary's from a distance.  

A Cup of Tea is an elegant love story with the background of World War I. This is a fast-paced book which puts the reader in New York society of 1917. The characters are well-developed, although Eleanor's background remains a mystery. The Ballantine Reader's Circle edition of this book contains a Reader's Guide.

Reviewed by mb, 10/00. Other reviews by mb.